Patrice Farooq


Patrice Farooq

Native Houstonian, Patrice Farooq, has been in business for six years. Cupcake Kitchen Houston, a homegrown business, emerged out of Patrice’s desire to “do for self” in an economy that was not always faithful to its constituents. A seasoned teacher of ten years, Patrice understands the importance of strategic planning and meeting the needs of customers. Essentially, her classroom lessons became her business plans and her students became her customers. Patrice started off catering, on the side, in addition to teaching.

When the demand for her catering meals increased, she strongly entertained the idea of transitioning out of the classroom into the business world, primarily the food industry. From there, she birthed “P3Catering”. P3Catering then evolved into a more laser-focused business of selling baked goods, hence the introduction of Cupcake Kitchen Houston. 

Cupcake Kitchen Houston, now a successful standalone business, continues to thrive by the grace and mercy of Almighty God. Patrice and her staff’s connection with the community and commitment to customer satisfaction has morphed into yet, another developing business line, ” CCK Seafood and Soulfood Restaurant”, now offering savory meals on a daily basis. The support and love from Houstonians and beyond is immeasurable. We look forward to continued growth and prosperity, God-willing.